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Paleo/Primal Mobile

The Tech Savvy Caveman

The deeper I dive into the Paleo lifestyle and meet more people who have converted to a Paleo or Primal diet, I find it ironic that despite reverting to the nutritional and physical ways of our ancient ancestors, we all share a common affection for modern technology. Paleo/Primal followers rely on the internet for resources and recipes, but more specifically, we love to do so from our smart phones and tablets.

Mobile devices, be it iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Kindle, Nook, etc., are standard accessories for the modern caveman and cavewoman.  So, we are a tech savvy bunch.  But that makes it all the more sad that the apps available to mobile Paleo people are mediocre at best. Search “Paleo” in your app store of choice and you will see what I mean.

Mobile Paleo Optimization

I’ve been a hardcore iPhone fanatic for over three years now.  As I said, the Paleo apps available (at least from the App Store) leave a lot to be desired.  When I committed to Paleo, I just wanted a simple way of having a multitude of recipes available to me whenever I was shopping or planning meals.

What I did was put together a mobile Paleo recipe hack that gives me instant access to over 370 Paleo recipes (including cookies!) with full ingredient lists.  It doesn’t matter if I am at Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, a boring meeting, or in my kitchen, I’ve got a collection of great recipes and meal ideas all in my pocket.  It’s simple enough to configure, and step by step, here is how you can do it too:

The Ultimate Paleo App

  1. Go to your mobile smart device application store of choice (App Store, Android Market, Kindle Store, etc.) and download a PDF reader.  I personally like PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile Software ($2.99 for the full version, but there is a Lite version for free), or Adobe Reader (free).
  2. Purchase The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastian Noel (currently only $27!) from this link: The Paleo Recipe Book (I know, I always go on and on about how great this book is.  It was $39 when I bought it last summer, now it’s just too cheap to pass up). Update: Purchase Paleo Sweets by Nikki Young for instant access to the best Paleo desserts (82 of them) I have ever seen! Link: Paleo Sweets
  3. Download The Paleo Recipe Book (or Paleo Sweets) PDF files to the PDF reader app that you previously downloaded.  Note: If you are purchasing the book from a laptop or desktop computer, just download the PDF’s and email them to yourself, then extract them from your email to the reader on your smart device.
  4. Done

For under $30 you now have either 370 Paleo recipes instantly at your disposal (no app that I have found comes anywhere close to this).  These are solid and tasty Paleo recipes that go a long way to keep you from getting bored.  Feel like you are stuck in a rut?  Just browse the recipes by meal type.  You instantly have the all the ingredients, a picture, description, and full cooking instructions in the palm of your hand!

The Paleo Recipe Book