Paleo Cookie Recipes

Macadamia-Chocolate Cookies by Nikki Young

Double Chocolate Cookies by Sebastian Noel

Chocolate-Maple Cookies by Chris (Yep, my own recipe)

Nutty Cookies by Sarah Fragoso

Paleo Sweets by Nikki Young

Paleo Sweets is the ONLY Paleo cookbook that I have seen which is dedicated exclusively to Paleo desserts and treats including cookies (biscuits), cakes, pastry, nut butters, jelly (gelatin), mousse, and ice cream.  Paleo Sweets is THE recipe book for anyone looking for Paleo cookie recipes.  It contains 17 recipes for cookies alone (82 Paleo dessert recipes in total) and comes with 2 bonus books, Paleo Protien Bar Recipes, and the Homemade Dried Fruit Guide. Where The Paleo Recipe Book is great for everyday Paleo meals, Paleo Sweets is incredible for Paleo desserts. After making a dozen recipes from it, I can’t praise Paleo Sweets enough and I highly recommend it: Paleo Sweets

The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastian Noel

For me, The Paleo Recipe Book was a game changer.  At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch; I regret not buying it sooner.  You can only bounce around the internet getting piecemeal recipes here and there for so long.  I downloaded The Paleo Recipe Book to the PDF Reader app on my iPhone, and now I have a catalog of recipes and ingredients (not just cookies) with me at the grocery store and in the kitchen.  It is truly indispensable.

The Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Almond Milk by

This almond milk recipe from is a bit labor intensive, but better than store bought almond milk.  Paleo milk is a MUST to go with your Paleo cookies.

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