My Paleo Valentine

Get 15% Off All Orders Through Valentine’s Day On Paleo Treats

Forget the heart-shaped box full of crappy corn syrup cordials.  Forget the bouquet of roses.

A box of Brownie Bombs is what your Paleo sweetheart really wants this Valentine’s Day!

I received an email from Paleo Treats the other day promoting their Valentine’s Day special for 15% off all orders on their ridiculously delicious hand-crafted Paleo cookies.  This is a smoking deal on an impressively delicious product that they bake to order from their Southern California bakery.

It’s a smoking deal on their cookies and a great time to introduce yourself or loved ones to their Cacao Now, Mac Attack, Mustang Bar, or Brownie Bomb treats.  All are completely Paleo-friendly and certified gluten-free.  Paleo Treats is a great company with a compelling mission.  I encourage you to check out their products and make sure you sign up for their newsletter while you are there.

Make sure you enter the code VPALEO13 when you check out to get 15% off.

Man, I hope someone gets me some Cacao Now bars for Valentine’s Day… okay, I’ll be getting them for myself either way!

Images: Paleo Treats