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For the last few months I have been slowly migrating posts from this blog over to my other website, EasyPaleoMeals.org.  When I originally began blogging about my Paleo lifestyle journey in 2011, PaleoCookies.net is where I really began exploring Paleo versions of the meals that I was used to eating.  As I have grown with Paleo, my philosophy has evolved and late last year I felt that I wanted to start a website that was a reflection of what I enjoy most about Paleo.

That said, I want to invite readers of PaleoCookies.net to check out EasyPaleoMeals.org.

EPM (as I call it) is where I will continue writing about my experience with Paleo.  My strength has always been in reviewing recipes, products and services. EasyPaleoMeals.org is a compilation of Paleo/Primal-related fitness, nutrition, and product reviews mixed in with recipes, tips, opinion, and advice. I include reviews of recipes, tips, cookbooks, programs or tools that I personally use or have tried. I give my honest personal opinion and/or comments on these items and whether or not I consider them worthy of YOUR time and money. EPM isn’t (usually) a personal recipe site, mostly because my own recipes typically suck. But I do love to try new recipes and products all the time, and I hope that you will enjoy reading about them.

For now, PaleoCookies.net will be here (it’s still a great cookie resource!) but if you want the latest posts, EPM is where I will focus my time and energy and hopefully produce a worthwhile experience for my readers.  I appreciate your support and thank you so much for reading!