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For the last few months I have been slowly migrating posts from this blog over to my other website, EasyPaleoMeals.org.  When I originally began blogging about my Paleo lifestyle journey in 2011, PaleoCookies.net is where I really began exploring Paleo versions of the meals that I was used to eating.  As I have grown with Paleo, my philosophy has evolved and late last year I felt that I wanted to start a website that was a reflection of what I enjoy most about Paleo.

That said, I want to invite readers of PaleoCookies.net to check out EasyPaleoMeals.org.

EPM (as I call it) is where I will continue writing about my experience with Paleo.  My strength has always been in reviewing recipes, products and services. EasyPaleoMeals.org is a compilation of Paleo/Primal-related fitness, nutrition, and product reviews mixed in with recipes, tips, opinion, and advice. I include reviews of recipes, tips, cookbooks, programs or tools that I personally use or have tried. I give my honest personal opinion and/or comments on these items and whether or not I consider them worthy of YOUR time and money. EPM isn’t (usually) a personal recipe site, mostly because my own recipes typically suck. But I do love to try new recipes and products all the time, and I hope that you will enjoy reading about them.

For now, PaleoCookies.net will be here (it’s still a great cookie resource!) but if you want the latest posts, EPM is where I will focus my time and energy and hopefully produce a worthwhile experience for my readers.  I appreciate your support and thank you so much for reading!


My Paleo Valentine

Get 15% Off All Orders Through Valentine’s Day On Paleo Treats

Forget the heart-shaped box full of crappy corn syrup cordials.  Forget the bouquet of roses.

A box of Brownie Bombs is what your Paleo sweetheart really wants this Valentine’s Day!

I received an email from Paleo Treats the other day promoting their Valentine’s Day special for 15% off all orders on their ridiculously delicious hand-crafted Paleo cookies.  This is a smoking deal on an impressively delicious product that they bake to order from their Southern California bakery.

It’s a smoking deal on their cookies and a great time to introduce yourself or loved ones to their Cacao Now, Mac Attack, Mustang Bar, or Brownie Bomb treats.  All are completely Paleo-friendly and certified gluten-free.  Paleo Treats is a great company with a compelling mission.  I encourage you to check out their products and make sure you sign up for their newsletter while you are there.

Make sure you enter the code VPALEO13 when you check out to get 15% off.

Man, I hope someone gets me some Cacao Now bars for Valentine’s Day… okay, I’ll be getting them for myself either way!

Images: Paleo Treats